3D Printing Continues to Rise

I was recently at Polk State Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center in Bartow, FL where they have a state-of-the-art 3D printing lab. I was joining We Are Curio and we had the chance to tour Polk State's facility. This was my first "hands-on" experience with 3D printing but have watched it from a distance for a few years. It is rapidly changing and its application is becoming wider for many industries.

3D printing has been around for years but over the course of the last 5-7 it has progressed immensely and price points are dropping. You can read about the price drop in an article by Manufacturing Tomorrow. The use of 3D printing has rapidly been expanding into the medical field, engineering, products prototyping and many other applications. Forbes had a great article on the of the expansion fields and can be read here. According to IBISWorld estimates, "the price of 3D printing machines is anticipated to fall 6.4% in 2016".

I am excited to continue to learn about this technology and how it can be a useful addition to not only specialized fields but daily life. To learn more about Polk State's programs, please visit their site.