Camp Coffee Options

Sometimes when you are out in the woods or on a long hike, you need that taste of home and one way to do so is to drink coffee. The problem is that your Keurig doesn’t work out there and brewing up coffee in your trusty coffee pot isn’t an option either. So...where do you turn to? Luckily, technology is on our side and over the past 5 years, coffee options have evolved and there are a lot more choices to choose from for on the go brewing. Below are three options that are available for you to not be without coffee and not sacrifice very much taste either!

1. Starbucks Via

If you are looking for simplicity, look no further. Starbucks has mastered instant coffee and to make this cup of joe successful is done by one thing, having hot water available. If you make it over a stove or fire, once the temperature is to your liking, pour in the Via and stir. That is it. When scientist Don Valencia decided that the bad tasting, watery coffee wouldn’t cut it for him any more on his hikes, he went on a mission to make a better instant coffee. After 18 years of not being satisfied and joining forces with Starbucks, Via was born in 2007 and the product was launched in 2009. You can read about the full history of this product here. Starbucks Via’s are small, lightweight and very packable which makes them an ideal choice for coffee on the go! Please be sure to dispose of the packaging properly so that you leave no trace.

2. JetBoil French Press

If you like to have a little more control over your coffee and make it to your liking, then the JetBoil French Press setup may be the way to go for you. While this is the most expensive option, there is no need to have a fire since it is all self contained. If there is a key word for this setup it would be convenience. I have used this before to make coffee while sitting on my porch watching the rain fall. This setup is simple and since it takes only a little over 2 minutes to boil water, it took no time for me to make a great cup of coffee. You can purchase a JetBoil here and then purchase the add on french press from the same place. I highly suggest planning before hand when you will plan to drink coffee, ground up that exact amount and place in a double sealed baggie so it is very quick and easy to brew. Also, be sure to pick up a few fuel canisters so that you can make your food and coffee during your excursion!

3. Campfire Coffee

One of the most original ways to brew is on an open fire in a percolator. All this requires for you to do is add coffee grounds, water and let it simmer over the fire. While this is the most simple way, this options gives you the most “authentic” campfire coffee experience. You can use a portable grate to place it on over the fire or make your own spot to place the percolator where it won’t tip. Be aware that the bottom will be extremely hot so whoever gets the last pour should watch for this. With this method, you can make a large amount of coffee for your group all at once so it can be enjoyed together! There are a lot of purchasing options out there for this method, so find a few reviews, ask your friends and pick one that fits your needs and will hold up to the abuse of camping.

One thing to remember is that all of these options are for black coffee drinkers. If you want some flavor, be sure to buy a ground coffee that has flavors infused within it or bring your own cream and sugar if you are car camping. Also, if caffeine makes it hard for you to sleep and you are brewing in a cold environment at night to keep you warm, look for a decaffeinated option. All three options can be used and or purchased decaf so that you can still enjoy the warmth and flavor both morning and night.

Happy adventuring!