University Campus Hammock Program

Over the past 5 years I have really enjoyed hammocking when I go camp, travel, go to the park or just for a quick hike. What I love is how easy they are to set up, enjoy and tear back down again. Due to its packability, I can take one or two most places I go and sometimes I leave one in my car just in case the opportunity arises to get some “hang time” in. When I started working for Southeastern University, I wanted to find a way to share my passion for hammocks and get students involved. I had heard that there were some students that really enjoyed it but many did not own a personal one and had trouble finding one to borrow. I proposed to my team and boss about having a “hammock check-out” process on campus so that students could access a hammock throughout the week and utilize it on and off campus.

As we began telling students about the possibility, they were very excited and we found ways that hammocks could be used at football tailgating, events and other student events. Once we were approved, we purchased enough hammocks for each of our residence halls to have several ENO Hammocks in our own school colors! These will not only provide a place for students to enjoy resting but also have school pride. We are currently launching the program that includes an online check out/in process that is facilitated by our student Resident Assistants. Students will have the ability to check in and out hammocks for 24 hour time periods or the weekend free of charge. The RA’s are equipped with tips and information through their resource page provided on the University webpage. The students checking out the ENO’s assume all responsibility and agree to the rules and regulations during the checkout process. This is something brand new for our campus so we will be evaluating the processes and overall success of it.

There are other great products that will be released early spring of next year through ENO that include an EnoPod that allows hammocking even when there are no trees present! While they create singles, they make one edition that can hold 3 hammocks at once. Another great feature is that they are easy to break down and do not require any tools to set up or tear down. This gives you the ability to make them more versatile and use them in more than one location.

Hammocks on our campus and in our community is a growing trend and is something that builds community as students come together and spend time talking, hanging and playing around. We look forward to utilizing new products to help give students a safe and relaxing place to be on and off campus. I always suggest buying a DoubleNest hammock if there is any intention on having more than one person in the hammock. It provides a more comfortable experience and allows others to get involved!

I can see how this could be something that could be implemented by other schools, groups and organizations as a perk of joining or being a part of the organization. Can you imagine the company you work for having 20 of them on hand to utilize during lunch breaks? You could even host a “hammock meeting” to switch things up! Each organization will have a different purpose or idea for how to use them. Eagles Nest Outfitters has been a pleasure to work with and have been very accommodating to our needs and helped us each step of the way. If you are looking to purchase for your organization or company, consider buying from Eagles Nest Outfitters.

Happy Adventuring!