THX - Doing Good, Better.

I am excited to announce that I am working with THX on a collaborative photo + blog project. I was first introduced to what THX (Pronounced: thanks) does through Instagram and from there learned more about them through their website. They are a for-profit business that gives to non-profit organizations. 

They call it "Not Just For Profit". I admire companies that work for more than just their bottom line and desire to help those close to them and around the world. The idea of "giving thanks" is something that at times we forget or neglect to take time to do, but it is so important. They are also very transparent with their pricing and make available the exact costs that are involved to come up with the final sales price. They want to charge a baseline amount so that you can have the opportunity to give to the several organizations that have been chosen to give to including veterans, children, clean water and more. THX says they are a "giving mechanism that connects conscious consumers to causes they care about, simply through the products they love to use every day." They buyer has the option on much they would like to give during the checkout process. 

Right now they offer two products, coffee and a men's and women's fragrance. Both of these are priced very reasonable and come with the look and feel of true professionalism and innovation. The French Vanilla Coffee was ground when I got it and I opted to brew it in my french press. It had a good bold taste and smooth texture to it. 

All over the packaging the THX values and motto stand out. These products are more than just "products", they are an avenue to give back to those that are in need. On their site they discuss their accountability structure. It says, "THX has partnered with Credit Suisse and Fidelity Charitable to create a donor-advised fund – a type of charitable giving program that simplifies how businesses can give back to charities while ensuring accountability and transparency. All THX company practices are audited and verified by the certified public accounting firm, Goldstein Schechter & Koch." It seems that this organization is doing its best to be open and honest each step of the way which is refreshing to see. 

THX describes how they give in pretty basic terms. When discussing this they say, "While most people think that a company operates based on profits, that’s not true. A company operates based on covering its expenses. At THX, we cover our expenses, just like any other company. It’s what we do with our “Profits” that makes all the difference." It is a slight shift in understanding but makes better sense due to their level of transparency. I am excited to see where THX goes and thankful to be a part of it in a small way. To learn more or purchase their products, please visit THX.CO.

I was sent coffee and THX"s men's fragrance for a collaborative project that included an honest review and photos by myself.