Embracing VR

It is here and it is growing. "Virtual Reality" is becoming a major trend and continues to grow. I can remember growing up and seeing this type of stuff at Disney World and being amazed by how "close" you could feel to a video or photo. Now it is available for consumers! I have been intrigued for over the past year or so at the emerging 360 videos and the consumer level options to engage with VR. My first experience was with Google Cardboard ($15) and I am blown away.

Over the next several weeks and month I will document my journey with VR including VR headsets, cameras, online viewing platforms and effectives uses. I am excited to begin my journey and see where it leads. VR will succeed due to its ability to make people feel emersed in a place and take you out of your current situation. Through simply using your phone, you can use these basic VR headsets and even high end models to gain this rich VR experience.