Keep Exploring by Eating Healthy

If you want to stay active, eating healthy, home-cooked meals is a must to remain in shape. My wife is the cook in the house (she runs a food blog: but I love working beside her in the kitchen and at times making some of my own dishes! One thing I really like to do is make smoothies for her and our son. It is a great way to sneak some extra vegetables in too! Recently, I tried a new combination and was very pleased with the taste! Even though there are carrots in the smoothie, the taste is near non-existent. Enjoy!

"Smooth Apple"

2 Yellow apples (don't peel)
10 Baby cut carrots
1 Vanilla Oikos Greek yogurt (vanilla)
Roughly 2 cups of Florida Natural Orange Juice (estimate for thickness)
Roughly 10 ice cubes

Makes 4 servings

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