A Birds-Eye View From the Tower

Sorry for the delay in writing, I have been out of the country working on some filming for Trash Mountain Project. I wanted to share a unique experience I had on the way home when I had the chance to take a tour of the Newark Airport Air Traffic Control Tower during my final layover. My uncle works as a controller and was able to get myself and a friend clearance to see what it is like first-hand.

I was pleasantly surprised how calm it was in the tower. Although it was "calm" there was an intensity to it and everyone with a headset on was in the zone. The 360 degree view was spectacular and the New York skyline was a beautiful site from up there. 

I learned that one major aspect of the job is being able to multi task while staying focused. Each controller could talk to a pilot, listen to their co-worker give "all-clears" and while prepping for the next incoming flight. Newark's air traffic controllers have a lot to deal with because although they may not be the largest airport, the plane traffic is high due to the fact they only have 2 major runways with one overflow that cuts through the other runways!

I have much respect for these folks up in the tower and thankful for their expertise and calmness! Thankful for this once in a lifetime experience.