Moment Lens for iPhone 6

If you love taking photos with your iPhone, this case/lens combo may be for you. I supported this Kickstarter months ago and it just arrived today! What I like about this product is the lens can be separated from the case very easily (twist) and then the case is streamlined enough to be my everyday protector! Everything is packaged with design in mind.

The whole package came with one lens (I chose the wide angle), two lens caps and the case (battery included). The battery is easily replaceable which will be nice for the future. The lens is firm and has a slight bit of weight to it which makes it feel sturdy and quality.

The case has a nice rubbery feel and was easy to put on the phone. All ports can be accessed and buttons pressed with ease. Also included on the case are strap loops that you could attach any camera strap of your choice on! Once you download the app, pairing was painless and I started shooting photos right away. When you attach the lens, the phone recognizes it and you choose if it is a wide lens or telephoto lens (Moment makes both). Inside of Moment’s app, adjusting exposure is easy and useful. The beauty of the case is the integrated “shutter” button. This is a physical button which makes taking photos with your phone feel more “professional” and easier to use. I love utilizing the “half-press” and then adjusting exposure before taking the photo. This lens/case combo will be great for everyday photos, and for taking photos when I don’t want to take my whole camera setup but want quality pictures (amusement parks, camping, sporting events).

This is just a first look so we will see how it does over a longer time period! You can purchase this package and other products HERE. Below are a few quick photos I took with it today!