Nash Sub Z Cooler Review

If you are in need of a heavy-duty cooler, the Nash Sports Sub Z Cooler may be for you! Priced below other industry leaders in this category, it is a competitive product in the heavy-duty cooler lineup. It is versatile and can be used as a seat for your stand-up paddle board, camping, or any type of outdoor activity! Starting at $149.99 this is a great option if you are in the market for a heavy-duty cooler but not willing to spend a fortune.

With rotationally molded, double wall polyethylene construction, this will be able to take abuse while doing what it’s built for best, keeping your food and drinks cold. Nash Sports says that this cooler is 30% lighter than its competitors and has a 23-quart capacity. On arrival the cooler was packed secure and with this version it features an integrated padded top seat (removable by snaps) which makes for a great extra seat around the campfire or ballgame. After sitting in the seat (I am 6 foot), it is a great bonus feature for a cooler this size, but does not offer superior support if sitting for long periods of time. Since this is an add-on feature, the lack of support is expected in my opinion. I love how quick it can be removed and the snaps do not get in the way of the functionality. You sit the opposite way of the lid opening (long ways).

My first impression of the overall design is that it is a solid build. I have put it through limited on-the-field testing but I have worked with a Yeti Cooler before and the build quality feels VERY similar (without the same price tag). The heavy-duty rubber latches are easy to open but not so easy that the lid can fly open when in transit or packed away.

Some of the other great features on this cooler are the non-slip feet, over-sized drain plug, interior tie downs slots, and the ability to lock the lid closed with built in holes. These are amazing features for a cooler in this price range.

The beauty of this cooler is how it keeps ice for days, not just hours. Through a specially formulated foam insulation core and an Arctic Dome lid gasket with an airtight seal, you can rest assured that your contents will stay cold until you need them.  

With an easy to carry stainless-steel handle, I have high hopes that this will be my go to cooler for many years to come. Built right here in the USA, you should consider this if you are in the market for a heavy-duty cooler. I will do a field update once I get it out on my Jackson SUPerFISHal stand up paddle board!

Overall Dimensions:

Exterior (inches): 18.5 x 13 x 15.375

Interior (inches): 13.75 x 9 x 11.375

Purchase one today for $179.99 or $149.99 with no top seat.

*I was sent a cooler by Nash Sports in return for an honest review.