Staying Charged on the Go

In a world where electronics are beginning to be a major part of every task we do, keeping them charged is becoming a major priority. For most people they have a phone with them wherever they are at and it is important to not only their personal life but also business life. Once the phone is dead, many times the main avenue for communication is shut down and it feels as if your day almost comes to a screeching halt. Luckily, there are many products and companies making devices to help stop that from becoming your reality. Recharging your phone on the go comes in many different shapes, sizes and capacity, but they will all keep you on the grid and connected to those you need to communication with.

Pocket Chargers

While they vary in shapes and sizes, one popular kind is small enough to fit in your pocket and be available for at least one full battery charge for your phone. These can run anywhere from $25 - $75 and are available at most retail stores. One company I have used before is Anker and they have one available for $20 on Amazon. In most cases these are charged via a micro USB cable either by your computer or wall outlet. You must carry a phone charger cable with you as well to hook up to this device and charge your phone. The upside is that it is small and compact but the downside is it is usually only good for one or one and a half charges.

Portable mid-size chargers

These chargers can support up to multiple devices at one time or charge a single phone upwards of 5 times at once. These are charged the same way but have a more rapid charge if done through a wall outlet since the battery size is larger in these. At times these can even function for more than just a quick recharge on your phone but also jump your car battery! This is a great option if you have a purse or book bag with you for your trip since it can charge your phone more than once before you have to recharge your battery pack again. These can be anywhere from $40 to upwards of $125. If you are looking for a rugged battery pack, you may want to look at a Mophie or Braven

Phone Case Chargers

If you aren't looking to charge anything except your phone, you may want to look into some phone case options that has a built-in battery pack in them. With a push of a button you can enable the case to begin charging your phone and it will charge one full battery amount each time. You will have to charge this case when you plug in your phone at night so that it is also juiced up along with your phone for the next morning. One new option is the Lifeproof charging case that allows your phone to be in the elements while also having the convenience of an extra charger within your phone case.

Features to look for:

When I have purchased battery packs in the past, be sure to look at user reviews about reliability and how many charges the pack can truly get. Each person will be different, but I think that the versatility of having its small and portable makes it more worthwhile to purchase since it is normally when I am on the go that I need a battery boost. Also, be sure to look at the recharge rate and see how fast the battery pack has to be on the charger for until it reaches its full power. If you will be charging more than one phone or a tablet as well, be sure to see how many ports are on the device itself so that you can charge what you need to charge at the same time.

By having a battery pack with you, it enables you to do more throughout the day and be connected throughout the night. It also provides a level of safety when heading to the outdoors to know that you won't be left without a lifeline back home or in the worst case scenario, to immediate help.