Technology Company Spotlight - Anker

There are certain companies that are constantly in front of you and one that keeps coming up for me is Anker. This company was founded in 2009 by a group of friends who worked at Google, and the design and functionality of this company portrays the “Google-esque” style. For a company founded just 7 years ago, their product line is expansive and constantly being updated and innovated.

Their product offerings include portable power packs, Bluetooth keyboards, phone cases, cables and more for very reasonable prices. A few years ago I purchased an Anker rechargeable USB power stick and have used it many times since. The overall build quality and the juice it packs for such a small piece of equipment impressed me. It has always been reliable and held its charge.  I also purchased a table stand from them and it was both sturdy and sleek.

Anker maintains a clean, efficient design for all their products while offering a wide variety in each product category. Their portable battery packs are offered in varying power levels and they even have seven portable speaker options. In regards to their charging cables they state, "We've reinforced PowerLine with bulletproof Kevlar fiber - a first for a USB charging cable. We've bent this cable over 5000 times and observed no damage or change in performance."

If you need electronic peripherals, take a look at Anker and see if they carry the product you need. On top of everything, there are hundreds of reviews on Amazon and almost all the Anker products I found offer Amazon Prime shipping!

Visit Anker’s site today!