Fire Smoke Nachos

One type of food that I really like to eat are nachos. If I can combine nachos with camping, that is a match made in heaven! :) Below is a simple nacho recipe I used to make Fire Smoke Nachos! You can use any type of chips you prefer to make it. (I was inspired after a quick Google search and then did my own twist!)

Cookware: Cast Iron Skillet with Cover (Cover can be substituted with foil if needed)

Optional toppings: Tomatoes, beans, corn, cheese, onions, hot sauce and more

Directions: Put a layer of chips in the skillet first, followed by a round of cheese and toppings and then another layer of chips. Apply more toppings and repeat depending on skillet depth.

Cooking: Place over hot coals or above the flame. Depending on the amount of heat, cook time will vary. Open the lid periodically to see if all cheese has been fully melted and the toppings are hot.




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