Product Review: Anker SoundBuds Sport IE20

Anker is one of my go-to companies when it comes to portable power and other various electronics. I was eager to try out the Anker SoundBuds Sport IE20 that they just released recently. These bluetooth headphones have quite a bit of potential but also have a few shortcomings. 

As usual, the Anker packaging is minimalistic and well put together. The headphones come with various size earbuds and a charger. I like to charge my electronics soon after receiving them and this is when I ran into my first snag. The micro-USB charging port is under a rubber part on the earphone and it is not easy to access. Once finished charging, it is tough to put the rubber piece back on again. I wish there was an easy access port on it, and I can foresee this being a little annoying over time.

The headphones have a unique feature to turn them on and off. They are magnetic and stick to each other to "turn off" and when undocked they will be bluetooth discoverable for roughly 20 seconds. Once connected to a device, they remain on, and if they do not connect within 20 seconds, they turn off. 

It took me a bit to get the "proper fit" in my ear, but once I did they sat comfortably and blocked out quite a bit of noise. I am using the "stock" ear buds that came with it and did not interchange any of the ear bud components. They are comfortable and I have mowed the grass listening to music in them and they did not come out of place if I didn't make any quick motions. I do wish there was some sort of clip to attach the excess to my shirt because it "pulls" on my ears quite a bit whenever I turn my head causing them to come loose at times. 

Sound quality is not the best. I had to really tweak the sound on my iPhone EQ to find one that sounds the best. The sound "peaks" on higher volumes and does not have a lot of depth to the sound. When Face Timing I had to turn the volume all the way up to really be able to hear those I was talking with. If you are ok with keeping the volume low to mid, this would be a good fit for you. It does have a a built in volume control and on-board mic which is great for phone calls. To be fair, the sound is decent since the device is only $35.99 on Amazon!

Anker says that the battery life is 8 hours on a 1.5 hours charge and also shows the battery life on the iPhone which is convenient to keep track of. As usual with Anker, they offer the Worry-Free Warranty with an 18-month warranty and access to friendly, easy-to-reach support.

You can purchase them today for $35.99 on Amazon.

(I was given a pair of headphones from Anker in return for product photos.)