Homemade DSLR Video Rig - Field Monitor Edition Powered by Anker


Like most people, I'm on a budget. A budget usually means having to get a little creative to get the desired outcome I may be looking for. I have been shooting video on DSLR's for the past 7 years and always wanted to get a cage for all my gear but it was always too expensive and the other components I wanted to go with it were usually too expensive. Also, one of my main goals is to keep everything portable and small so that I can take it anywhere but still have maximum capabilities. 

One piece of gear I have always wanted was an on the field monitor so that I wasn't handcuffed to my small DSLR screen. After a ton of research I found a solution that meets my need, didn't break the bank and kept everything small and versatile. I use the app DSLR Controller on a Samsung S5 (bought on Craigslist). By hooking this into my camera via USB it gives me the capability to have a live view of whatever I am shooting and even be able to control the camera from my app!

Power is key to this setup and I trust no other than Anker. I bought one of the Anker Samsung S5 batteries and as usual, it is top quality. It holds a charge well and worked seamless with my phone. I use the original Samsung battery as a backup. I also velcro the Anker PowerCore Slim 5000mAh to my rig as a backup for any other charging needs. It is light and versatile like the rest of my rig! 

If you have any questions about my setup, don't hesitate to contact me!