Anker SoundCore Boost Bluetooth Speaker


I have had owned and tested many types of bluetooth speakers, and Anker keeps coming back as a major contender. This recent release not only can fill a room with stellar audio, the bass is actually something to talk about. You have to first adjust your expectations when you think about a bluetooth speaker. It isn't going to sound like your band's sound system cranked at full blast. But I have tried out speakers such as Braven, Jawbone and Bose. While the others did sound good and some better than others, Anker hung right there with them. A few major differences that sets Anker apart from the others are:

  1. The price. The sound quality of this speaker compares to higher end products but sold at a fraction of the cost.
  2. Multiple uses. It has a USB port in the back to charge your phone from the speaker. This makes it multi-function which I always appreciate in a product.
  3. Portability. The form factor is sleek, easy to put anywhere and discreet. 

Purchase one today for $79 (Many times Anker runs sales so sign up for their emails)