Askborg Portable Charger and Lightning Cable

I recently partnered with Askborg to take a closer look at their ChargeCube 20800 mAh. Askborg says this charger will juice up your iPhone 6 over six times, so this bad boy has some juice in it!

I will give a "first look" review on this product for your consideration. The packaging itself is sleek and minimal which I always appreciate when companies take notice of this and try to limit waste. The finish on the actual product feels smooth but still has some grit to it which provides slight grip which is convenient. It is on the heavy side (1.1 pounds) in comparison to other portable charges I have, but I do realize that this charger isn't mean for "pocket portability" so I can look past this.

I really appreciate and like the small LCD screen which allows for easy viewing of the actual power level of the charger. It is easy to read and is a crisp display. The Askborg Lightning cable feels very quality and is nylon braided. It resists tangling and looks very good too!

For the price, this first look is favorable. I look forward to putting it to the test and seeing how it performs!

(Charger) Amazon: $30.99  •  (Cable) Amazon: $7.99

*I was provided these products in return for an honest review and photos.