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Travel Accessories for Your Dog

If you have ever travelled with your dog, you quickly realize how planning ahead and having the right accessories can really help make the process much smoother. When I traveled with my dog across the country, there were a few key items I brought and a few items I wish I would have had!

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NEW 2016 BioLite CookStove

At first look, I am impressed with the overall design and even the packaging. This piece of equipment feels quality and has enough weight to it that it feels sturdy but not so much that it feels heavy.  After tearing into the packing and unpacking all the components I quickly understood how it went together without even having to reference the included directions. Everything was very self-explanatory and “made sense” quickly. The battery-powered fan easily attaches to the stove and when the legs are fully flipped out, it has a very secure fit with barely any wiggle room.

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